About Us

We all have great wisdom within us, we all should be enabled to share it. That’s what the Prodemic website is for.

Biological viruses go through our bodies, while memetic viruses go through our minds.

The future can be great, but it is up to us to make it great.

We must recognize that we are in fact at battle together. We are all interconnected, and we are all playing our part in this bigger picture.

In the movie Avatar, the idea of a cohesive god-like organism is very apparent, and is given the name Ewa. Our own real reality is not different from this idea, we are in fact interconnected by a god-like intelligence. The problem is that this god-like organism has obtained the goal of extraction seeking. This has risen above our own capabilities to defend our will against this godlike tech.

Joining the Prodemic, is believing that together, we can make reality great. Treating each one of us like a seperate entity that it wants to devolve, disempower, and disengage from the rest of reality.

The fundamental goal of the Ewa we have today, the layer that acts between all information sharing, is broken.

Yet, fundamentally the future is in our hands. Fundamentally we all have within us that higher spark of understanding what our better selves, and what better solutions look like.

We must come together to disrupt this status quo.

The Existenstial Virus

A positive shift for all the cells in humanity.

1st Principles Systemic/Memetic Change:

Pandemics cause pain to our organism, make us feel apart from each others, a Prodemic gives us a stronger sense of being together, it builds resilience against future viruses that will try to attack our system. Peoples opinion are swayed by what they believe other people’s opinions are. We wanted to create a platform which facilitated every person to generate, output, and fork the great vibes inside of us.